When it comes to Sun Hats, there are many out there offering these products. But, if you’re looking for a unique, high quality, handmade product, you have come to the right place


With this in mind, we may find similar products in the marketplace but with limitations in colors, patterns, designs and prices. We handcraft multicolored items dyed with vegetables and minerals, in a wide variety of patterns and fabrics; in the 4 styles (molds) most requested by customers worldwide: The Fedora Panama Hat, the Cowboy, the Rancher and the Traditional Lisa. Prices depend on the type of braid used. We offer three types of braids depending on the number of pairs of strands that are woven: 11, 15 and 19 pairs with three different degrees of difficulty in the twisting , three different prices and three different markets with the same product quality in all other aspects.

¡Choose or design your own Sun Hat!

Our protective sun hats come in different styles, brim sizes, and colors; And most important:

they are unique and completely handmade.

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