Our ability to customize our hats to suit the many clothing styles and latest trends in fashion out there is an advantage that we are able to pass on to our Customers. Added to this, we are in the capacity to manufacture four different weaves, with four different prices to adapt your Customized Product to your Customer’s budget. Regardless of the weave you choose, you will offer your Customers a high quality, unique handmade product manufactured with the same vegetable fibers Panama hat are made out of.

Once you contact us we offer you two methods to customize your product


The first one is one in which we will email you:


  • Digital file in Adobe Illustrator format (.ai) containing all the available accessories we offer for our hats. This file is completely modifiable by you and your designers

  • A collection of files containing all our weaves, colors and existing patterns that can be used with Adobe Illustrator, so that you can create unique products that we will manufacture for you. All instructions for doing this will be included.


A second way that you can customize your product is to leave it to us. Once you have completed the application form and cancelled the corresponding design fee, we will work with you until the design desired by you is met. Once this point is reached we will ship to your location, a physical sample of your design for your approval.

Aside from our many patterns, weaves and colors available we offer the following variations on brim sizes:


Fedoras: 3 cm, 5 cm. or 7 cm.

Sun Hats: 10 cm, 12 com or 14 cm.

Visors: (Lace or Brooch) : 14 cm.

Bucket Hats & Mini Buckets Hats: 3 cm, 5 cm, 7 cm. or 10 cm.

Western & Cowboy Hats: 10 cm. or 12 cm.

Once you receive our final sample, decide on the quantity desired for each design and request a quote from us, we will prepare the Proforma invoice for you to approve. Once this is done we will proceed to send you the Commercial Invoice and completion of your order will take place 60 (sixty) days after payment is received.

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