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Basic designs are a key and indispensable part of fashion. Trends come and go but the classics maintain their style and elegance. These traditional designs that withstand the test of time are always in style regardless of fashion trends or season.


Similar to the Panama hat, the FEDORA is one of our most demanded hats, indistinctly of season or fashion style.  The most common style is the one with the 7 cm brim, as those shown in the catalogue. It is a unisex hat fit for golf, for beachwear or for semiformal or casual wear. The 7 cm brim protects from the sun although it is possible to manufacture these with brims of 5cm or 3 cm.

White Fedora
Olive Fedora
Caki Fedora
Brown Fedora
Beige Fedora
Black Fedora


Also known as PAVAS, Big Brims or Floppy hats, this style offers complete protection for the face and shoulders thanks to its 14 cm flexible brim. It is a versatile hat that can be used for days in the country, strolls and even at the racetrack. These can also be ordered with a 10 cm or 12 cm brim. Our catalogue shows the 14 cm brim.

White Sun Hat
Caki Sun hat
Beige Sun Hat
Olive Sun Hat
Brown Sun hat
Black Sun Hat


VISORS are a less formal option to protect the face and shoulders from the sun, yet far more elegant than a cap. It is perfect for tennis, a day at the beach or for strolls in the sun. With its 14 cm brim and 4 different broches to adjust to four different sizes.

White Brooch Visor
Olive Brooch Visor
Caki Brooch Visor
Brown Brooch Visor
Beige Brooch Visor
Black Brooch Visor


White Ribon Visor
Olive Ribon Visor
Caki Ribon Visor
Brown Ribon Visor
Beige Ribon Visor
Black Ribon Visor


This hat, known also as Kettle Brim or Up Brim, is one of simple yet classic look. It has a round symmetric border with a 3.28 cm or 6.56 cm up brim.

White Bucket Hat
Olive Bucket Hat
Caki Bucket Hat
Brown Bucket Hat
Beige Bucket Hat
Black Bucket Hat


This 3 cm brim hat, is more a fashion accessory than sun protection headwear. With its bold young look it is perfect for those seeking that style. It is also known as Cloché or Bucket hat.

White Mini Bucket Hat
Olive Mini Bucket Hat
Caki Mini Bucket Hat
Brown Mini Bucket Hat
Beige Mini Bucket Hat
Black Mini Bucket Hat


An icon of American lifestyle, the Western hat is recognized worldwide. It has a 10 cm brim, which can be raised at the sides or flat. The crown, if looked from atop, has a “C” shape that resembles a tear and It is a bit higher, between 10 cm and 12 cm. The ones shown here are 11 cm high.

White Westernr Hat
Olive Western Hat
Caki Western Hat
Brown Western Hat
Beige Western Hat
Black Western Hat


The Cowboy hat, also recognized worldwide as an icon of American culture is part of the Old West tradition. Used by cattle ranchers and country music stars it has a “pinched” 11 cm high crown and a 10 cm brim, slightly raised brim

White Cowboy Hat
Olive Cowboy Hat
Caki Cowboy Hat
Brown Cowboy Hat
Beige Cowboy Hat
Black Cowboy Hat

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Beige Ribon Visor