Working with us you have the possibility of offering a unique article. Our production process of turns or rings, allows you to decide the patterns, sequences and colors that will ultimately result in an article that represents you, your Brand and one that tends to the particular taste of your loyal Customers.


Our commitment and the quality of our work have earned us nationally and internationally renowned Customers such as OndadeMar, Agua Bendita, Maaji, Paradizia, Touché, Milonga, PilyQ among others. During the past thirteen years, we have worked with them in the design, development and production of our Arrow Cane hats. You can see our versatility and the many possibilities to personalize your article by visiting their websites, or you can visit ours, contact us begin creating unique and high quality articles for your Customers.

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Fucsia Paradizia Fedora

Handmade in Caña Flecha Natural Fiber, 7 Cm. Brim. Development for Paradizia.