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CAPORO, is an artisanal workshop dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commercialization of handcrafted hats. We carry out an important social contribution in the Reserve, not only by providing employment for the more than 120 indigenous families that carry out the weaving and manufacturing of our products, but by also providing fair compensation for their work. Our process is carried out in an organized manner, preserving the ecology and guaranteeing the uniqueness of the artisanal method of production. The aforementioned has allowed to develop and manufacture excellent designs for world renowned Colombian Swimwear, assuring the presence of our quality products in their collections.


"The main feature: Our versatility".


We have developed catalogues of weave patterns and colors with more than 300 combination possibilities thus displaying our designing capabilities. This has allowed us to create innovating and unique products for our Customers. This tool, combined with your designer’s creativity, allows for infinite design possibilities.


We choose to display in our catalogues more than 70 designs. However we are able to provide your creative team with our designing tool so as allow them to come with revolutionizing designs that we are in the capacity to manufacture for you


We manufacture four hat styles: the Fedora (Panama hat), the Cowboy, the Rancher and the traditional Lisa. We have found these styles to be the ones that are in highest demand worldwide. Our raw material is the “Arrow Cane” (Cana Flecha) a tall grassy plant that requires a completely artisanal process for its dyeing and weaving.


Culture and Tradition: 

The Arrow Cane craftspeople are women and men who through generations have acquired the abilities to create and perform the art of transforming this material. They possess a wealth of traditional knowledge and skills and they are able to show the “fruits of mother earth” in an infinite variety of weaves and dyes.


It is they who manufacture these weaves, unique to the world, that are used in the manufacturing of our exclusive and high quality products. A small sample of our wide variety of our products is shown here, and as stated above the possibilities for design innovation are limitless.

The know-how and heritage of their ancestors is delivered to you in every weave pattern, every design, every dye that you acquire in our products. All processes are completely carried out by hand. The preservation of their culture, beliefs and life experiences is present in the making of all these products.


Our sewing craftspeople are certified by the Colombian government ( by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism ) and ICONTEC (Colombian Institute of Certification of Technical Norms) which assures the seal of quality of our handmade products.

The "Arrow Cane" (Cañaflecha): 

Every part of the Arrow Cane is used. The leaf for crafts and the stem, once dried, is used for walls in houses. Arrow Cane once grew in the wild, but so as to allow for cattle pasture, it was relegated. Today, the surviving Zenu culture cares for the preservation of the Arrow Cane fields seeing that is an integral part of their economical subsistence. The indigenous culture in the Reserve who still maintains the art of Arrow Cane weaving, manufacture the “Vueltiao” hat that is used to protect them while performing agricultural chores. The “Vueltiao” is also used in social events. All in all, this craftsmanship is appreciated in Colombia and worldwide, because of its uniqueness and the effort and resolve required in its manufacturing.


The Production Process: 

The transformation process begins by cutting down the mature leaf of the plant. Then the plant is cleared which consists of scraping it, shredding the leaves and then dyeing these depending on the color required. The fibers are then woven together. We offer a variety of weaves depending on the quality of the product our Customers desire. The weaves available are: Seven, Eleven, Fifteen, Nineteen, Twenty three and Twenty seven..

“Our products reflect beauty and consistency. Unique pieces handmade for you”


As you we are aware that hats, like any other clothing accessory, must exhibit differentiating elements that make them unique. Once you observe our attached Digital Catalogue, you will be able to verify that our products possess this quality. In fact, with our Color, Weave, Patterns and Designs chart the possibilities of you creating innovative and unique designs for your business is unlimited.


Our workshop is located in the heart of the Indigenous Reserve, where the braids are produced. Here we also complete the manufacturing and customization of our products. Our work team is consists of 10 people, as follows 1 Director, 1 Braid Production Coordinator, 4 Master Sewing Craftspeople, 2 Quality Control Craftspeople, 1 Workshop Superintendent and 1 Cook.


Every Master Craftsperson has the capacity of manufacturing 15 units per day and we have a work schedule of 24 days per month. We have the capacity of manufacturing 1,440 units per month and we process orders taken 90 days in advance.


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